EAntenna 30AVM

EAntenna AVM series represents a broad time of testing and design to achieve a high performance antennas and range of bandwidth, something difficult in vertical antennas.
This performance is characterized in that:

  • Like all vertical antennas are somewhat noisier than directional or dipole, but the AVM series with the diameter of the tubes we use, get something down the level of other brands.
  • Direct feeding is 50 ohms.  
  • The bandwidth covers the entire band with low SWR / SWR.

This is explained because in EAntenna:

  • Millimeter by millimeter, manufacture and build CNC machines and / or prepared to hundredths of a millimeter measurements for an accurate measurement.
  • It takes care of every piece of aluminum, by filing them smooth exterior and interior. All this by hand, skilled and prepared for a final product of extreme quality.
  • All hardware we use is in stainless steel AISI 304
  • The T5 aluminum used is 6061/6063 and 6082 T6, the best alloys for manufacturing antennas and resistant to the weather elements.
  • The EAntenna AVM series always are insulated to the mast with German  PP clamps (Polypropylene, -30 ° C / +60 ° C).
  • We include detailed manual mounting and up videos on our site, which are indicative of assembly of some models.
  • Do not be satisfied until our client has its antenna mounted and work with it. So, whenever you need or have any questions or comments, contact our customer service department, and direct with Rodrigo, EA7JX ( ea7jx@eantenna.es ), which we will attend as quickly.

Specifications 30AVM

  • All sections of the antenna is 2 mm for better wind resistance.
  • Board to mast, 300x100mm with 6mm thick with U-bolts of M8 to the plate to the mast.
  • Simple and quick, because the pieces have a unique position.
  • Antenna very solid construction, and with a weight very acceptable.
Frequency Range:10.1 ~ 10.15 MHz
Impedance:50 Ohm
Max. Power: 5 kW.*
Height:6.7 m / 21.9'
Diameters:50/45/40/35/30/25 mm
Wind Survival:160kmh / ≥ 100mph**
Weight:6.8 kg / 22.3 Pounds

* Does not include Balun, not necessary
** Wind Resistance designed with 1 point of guying




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